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Mechanical requirements to segment bolt’ based materials

hits:2421    date:2016-02-14

  The professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said the mechanical performance for the based materials is good or not, which can be directly influence the final finished excavator segment bolt products performance, so these excavator segment bolt production manufacturers need to carefully select the right based materials, for example, the best based based materials need to has a big enough strength performance, which can meet up with the segment bolt’ design requirements.

  After the based materials had confirmed, the installation position for excavator segment bolt also need be suitable, for example, if we had to install the segment bolt on concrete earth ground, we need to ensure this earth ground has a very tiny and flat surface and very firm, on its surface will never has some flaws, such as the sugaring, flake, cellular or has some oil dirt, because they all can influence the segment bolt product’ final carrying capacity.

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