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Two common problems about how to right maintain fasteners

hits:2958    date:2016-02-12

  The first common problem: when production manufacturer do the quench process to the fasteners, include the excavator segment bolt, they need to use the silicate salt as the cleaning agents to clean out all of the surface impurities on the fasteners first, then use the clean cold water to carefully rinsing fasteners later, the professional excavator segment bolt supplier said the main role is to prevent there are some impurities leave out on the fasteners’ surface, which will influence its normal use and application.

  The second common problem: after the excavator segment bolt had provided the tempering process, its color may has some changes to compare with the original color, to solve this color changing problem, we can soak the fasteners into the diethyl ether for a curtain time, then it will produce out some oily substances, it means these excavator segment bolt aren’t been fully cleaning out, so production manufacturer need to carefully cleaning these fasteners again.

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