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Main role for segment bolt is very important

hits:2960    date:2016-02-11

  Professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said even though the excavator segment bolt just belongs to one kind of the small fastener products and used as one small part, but it had played a very important role on the mechanical equipment, sometimes, the roles and effects for excavator segment bolt is very important and necessary. So when we use these fasteners products, users need to learn more daily maintenance knowledge to maintain then during the daily time, it can ensure the excavator segment bolt can be used in more safety way and extend its total use life, but also improve the using performance for mechanical equipment.

  Working principle for segment bolt is after it had been installed in the earth ground or wall holes, use the wrench to screw down lock nut to ensure segment bolt can be pulled out, but its external metal shell never movement, so its bigger head will expand the metal shell rolling out to fully fill the whole installation hole.

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