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Fixation principle for segment bolt

hits:2970    date:2016-02-10

  The professional excavator segment bolt production manufacturer said the reason why excavator segment bolt can be good fixed on the earth ground or wall surface is because on its surface had been produced with curtain inclination degree, which can help the segment bolt to expand and produce a curtain friction force, so the excavator segment bolt will be good fixed on the installation places, so if we looking at the appearance of excavator segment bolt, we can find on one edge is thread, but the other edge had been produced with incline degree.

  On the external of excavator segment bolt had been covered up by a layer for steel peel, so we can install the steel peel together with the segment bolt into the installation hole, then use the lock nut or normal nut to pull the segment from the external direction, and ensure the inclination degree can enter into the steel peel round cylinder, so the steel peel round cylinder will be expanded and good fixed on the wall.

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