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Use electric impact hammer to drill an installation hole first

hits:3011    date:2016-02-09

  Before use the excavator segment bolt, users need to use the electric impact hammer or machine to drill out an installation hole, which diameter is same with excavator segment bolt diameter on the installation wall first, then put the excavator segment bolt and expand pipe into the installation hole, then use the nuts to screw down. The main role for nut is to connect the segment bolt, expand pipe, installation part and fixed body into one whole unit.

  After the excavator segment bolt had been fully screw down, it will begin to expand in the installation hole,because on its edges had one bigger head, on the outsides, users had use the round pipe to good fixed the segment bolt, so on the edge part will leave out several open mouth, when nuts had screw down, the bigger head’ edge part will been taken to the open month’ pipe and expand the pipe diameter become bigger, then the goal for expand is achieved, then fixed the excavator segment bolt on the earth ground or wall surface later.

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