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Provide suitable heat treatment to ensure low alloy resistance abrasion steel to gained lath martensite organization

hits:3238    date:2016-02-05

  In the last article, bucket tooth pin manufacturer had teach all of the production manufacturers that lath martensite materials is the most ideal materials, which can be used to produce bucket teeth pin products, but because its sale price is very expensive, so only several production manufacturers decide to use it. But the bucket tooth pin manufacturer attention if production manufacturer provide the suitable heat treatment to low alloy resistance abrasion steel materials, its organization also can change same with lath martensite organization, but compared with high manganese steel, because its alloy steel elements contents are very low, so its production costs not very high, but gained the more excellent mechanical performance and resistance abrasion performance.

  But the bucket tooth pin manufacturer attention when provide the forging casting process to low carbon alloy steel bucket teeth pin products, it will easy to has some casting flaws, such as the surface shrinkage, bubbles or the diameter for casting crystal grains is not very uniform.

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