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Analyze the lose efficiency problem from loads carrying aspect

hits:2697    date:2016-01-29

  Because the working surface for the excavator tooth pin and rubber had to closely contact with the excavate materials, so during the whole excavate process, under the different working stages, the excavator tooth pin and rubber will suffer the different loads carrying capacity. But the common sense is that the teeth top part is the first part, which can will contact with materials’ surface at the first time, because the excavate speed is very fast, so it will causes the bucket teeth top part had to suffer a very stronger and intense impact force.

  But if the yield strength property for excavator tooth pin and rubber is not very high, it will has the plasticity deformation problem on its bucket teeth top part. But with the increasing of the excavate depth, the loads carrying situations for the bucket teeth pin will has some big changes, but when use bucket teeth pin to cutting materials, between excavator tooth pin and rubber and materials will do the relative movement, and produce a very big extrusion pressure on their surface.

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