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Analyze surface lose efficiency type and reason, then give the solve and improve measure

hits:2915    date:2016-01-27

  In this society, excavator had act the important role during the engineering construction period, but as one important parts of the excavator, excavator tooth pin and rubber also has act a very important role too, because the shape for excavator tooth pin and rubber is just like human teeth, but during the normal excavate working time, excavator tooth pin and rubber belongs to the easy damage parts, but the abrasion and damage problem is only happen on the teeth top part, so people only need to replace the new teeth top part, not the whole bucket teeth pin.

  One unit open air excavator will easy to has the earlier loss efficiency problems, which caused by serious abrasion damages during the common use life, so on the basic of this excavator tooth pin and rubber, people need to detailed analyze the teeth pins surface lose efficiency type and the main lose efficiency reasons, then give out a detailed solve and improve measures.

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