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Select the appropriate bucket teeth pins needed to use

hits:3810    date:2015-07-21

Bucket teeth pin is a lot of machinery must contain a part of, with this part bucket teeth to be able to play a good job, but that there are many different types of parts, when in use, should be used in accordance with the requirements to be selected.

Some pins are cross-type bucket teeth, and some vertical type, in general, vertical-type structure is relatively simpler, but more complex cross-type, and some convenience require high mechanical operations require the use of vertical type, and some machinery because of the overall structure as well as meet the demand, they have to use the horizontal type.

Meanwhile different environments, but also requires the use of a different bucket teeth pins, because the face of different environments, fighting tooth used are different. For example, when used on excavators, mining ordinary soil, weathered sand, coal, coal face, as long as the use of flat type you can, if you want to mine coal block, then we should use the TL type, this model higher efficiency, bulk molding is better. It is because of the different shapes of these sharp teeth, and sometimes have to use a different connection types.

Bucket teeth pins for selection, in order to be able to make bucket teeth play a better role, it is necessary to carefully choose.

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