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Two notices and tips given to excavator’ operators

hits:2886    date:2016-01-25

  Our factory had produce and supply the high excavator tooth pin and rubber products to our customers more than ten years, so we had gained more experiences about how to right operate the excavator machines, so in this article, as one of the professional excavator tooth pin and rubber supplier, we will give two notices and tips to all of excavator’ operators:

  As we know, operators can has a break and rest during the afternoon, some of them want to release themselves, so they would like to drink some wines during the lunch time, but the professional excavator tooth pin and rubber supplier said this release method is wrong, because wines can makes their heads become confusion, so it may easy to causes the wrong operation happen.

  The operators need to carefully operate the excavators and prevent some human made damage happen, because excavator tooth pin and rubber supplier said these human made damages will causes some economic loss happen.

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