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Excavator’ wheel room need to keep clean for the whole time

hits:2717    date:2016-01-24

  After each excavate works or each day’ work had finished, the excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacture said the operators should not only keep a habit to record their working records, but also need to keep a habit to clean the wheel room every day, because the wheel room need to maintain clearly and tidy for the whole time, for example, on the surface of the machine body, there need has no dust, soil or oil dirt, so excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturer suggests operators to keep a habit to scrubbing machine body after the excavate work had finished.

  Operators also need to record the machine team record information timely, such as that each small working details and job contents all needed been detailed recorded and statistics, to the engineering external odd job or zero zones, operators need to solve every procedures timely and carefully record each small details, excavator tooth pin and rubber said the main role for record is ensure the settle account work can be finished with a shorter time.

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