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Stop the excavator in the right position is very important

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  After operators had control the excavator to finished all of the excavate works, they need to stop the excavator in the right places, for example, the professional excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturer attention operators should stop the excavator to far away from the low lying places or the edges of the earth groove, the excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturers said the best choice is stopped on the flat earth ground then closed the windows and lock it, to prevent some one enter into the wheel room and touch any switches to causes the accidents happen.

  During the daily working time, excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacture also suggests operators to keep a habit to maintain the daily maintenance works to these excavator, for example, they should keep a habit to record each day’ working record, if find there are something wrong, this excavator would can’t continue working anymore, operators need to report this information timely and repair it as soon as possible.

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