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Safety operating excavator can prevent accidents happened

hits:2958    date:2016-01-21

  As the professional excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturer, we had to confess that the excavator belongs to one kind of heavy mechanical equipment, especially when its dimension and scale is very huge, if the operator had operating with the wrong way, it may easy to causes some accidents happen. So the professional excavator tooth pin and rubber supplier suggests after the excavator had started, there would be no people had stand on the inside of bucket, bucket leg or the caterpillar tracks.

  After the excavator had enter into the normal working situation, workmen need to ensure there are no one had enter into the rotating diameter range for the excavator, or walk or stopped under the down position of the excavator tooth pin and rubber, they all very dangerous. Besides, expect of operators, no one can enter into the wheel room and touch any switches, to prevent bring some damages or hurts to electric application equipment.

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