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Excavator is one kind of earth moving machine

hits:2869    date:2016-01-15

  The professional ESCO bucket tooth pin products supplier said we also can called the excavator machine as the excavating machinery, because it is used to excavate the materials, which is lower or higher than the height of excavator bucket, then put these materials into the transport cars or discharge these materials into the stock ground, so the ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said the excavator had become one kind of the common used earth moving machines.

  we not only can use the excavator to excavate the soil, coals, sand and mines, but also used it to excavate the preliminary soils and rocks. The professional ESCO bucket tooth pin products supplier said from the developing situation and current for excavator since recent years, we can find its developing speed is very fast, had become one of the important and main engineering machine among the engineering construction period. There important parameters for excavator is the operation weight, engine working rate and capacity for ESCO bucket tooth pin.

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