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Use RC type bucket teeth pin to excavate block shape harden rocks is the best choice

hits:2675    date:2016-01-14

  If the excavate objects for the excavator machine is the harden rocks, which appearance is the block shape, professional ESCO bucket tooth pin supplier suggests people to choose the RC type ESCO bucket tooth pin to instead of normal flat bucket teeth pin products.

  But if we had to use the excavator machine to excavate the coal layer, which appearance is blocks shapes too, to improve the pieces rate for mine coals, the best choice for the bucket teeth pin products is the TL type bucket teeth pin.

  But during the common using period, most of users would like to use the common type RC type ESCO bucket tooth pin, but writer confess that it is not necessary, because the flat bucket teeth pin can suit to any kinds of common excavate works, but after the RC type ESCO bucket tooth pin had been used for a curtain times, its front part will has the abrasion damages and appearance shape changed into fist, which can increase the excavate resistance force and waste power.

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