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Bucket teeth pin is similar with human teeth

hits:2670    date:2016-01-13

  The ESCO bucket tooth pin belongs to the common used parts among the excavator machines, which main role is very important, but look at its appearance shapes, we can find it is very similar with human body’ teeth, because most of the ESCO bucket tooth pin are belongs to the component bucket teeth pin, which is makes up by the teeth holder and teeth top part, and use the hinge pin to connect these two parts into one whole unit. Compared with teeth holder, teeth top part is the most abrasion lose efficiency parts, so people don’t need to replace the whole ESCO bucket tooth pin part, but only need to replace the teeth top part.

  During the common choose period, the decision for the ESCO bucket tooth pin products is reply on its confirm working situations and circumstances, for example, if we had to use the excavator to excavate the soils, sands or surface coals, the flat bucket teeth pin is the best choice.

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