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Three different production procedures for bucket teeth pins

hits:2776    date:2016-01-12

  The first kind of the production procedure: if the production manufacturer had to control the ESCO bucket tooth pin with a very low production costs, besides, they also don’t pay more attention on the production technology level and teeth pin products quality, the sand casting technology would be their best choice.

  The second kind production procedure: if their customers needs the final ESCO bucket tooth pin products has a very higher quality and production precision, production manufacturers need to use the forging casting technology to instead of the sand casting technology, because its production technology level and final ESCO bucket tooth pin products quality is the best, but its production costs is also the highest as well.

  The third production procedure: production manufacturer can choose the precision casting technology to produce the ESCO bucket tooth pin products, which production costs is reasonable, but has a strict requirements to the raw materials, production technology level is also very high.

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