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Digging speed among the initial stage should be slowly

hits:2897    date:2016-01-08

  During the digging works period, because the caterpillar bucket teeth pins had been installed on the front part of the excavator bucket, so compared with the other parts, caterpillar bucket teeth pins will contact with the materials at the first time. Because the excavator bucket had to suffer a very big and huge digging resistance force, so under the initial stage, if the digging speed is too fast, between the materials and caterpillar bucket teeth pins will produce out a very huge impact force, which can be easy to damage the bucket teeth pin and causes the unnecessary damage and loss happen.

  So among the whole digging works, operators need to choose the suitable digging speed to control the excavator machine, they should never construction with their own and wrong thoughts, because these brute works will not only bring a serious damages to the excavator machine tool, but also delay the whole construction time.

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