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choose the right digging direction and angle during the deeply digging works

hits:2719    date:2016-01-07

  When we use the excavator machine to do the digging works, besides, the digging depth is very deeply, the professional caterpillar bucket teeth pins production manufacturer attention that with the increase of the digging depth, because the changing of the soil, the bucket caterpillar bucket teeth pins will also has the serious abrasion damages at the same time. When bucket teeth pin had to suffer the un-suitable pressure, under the effects of this pressure, the excavator bucket teeth pin may easy to has the damages and surface broken problem.

  To prevent this damage and abrasion damage appearance, the professional caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier attention that when do the deeply digging works, operators need to control the digging strength into the right range, besides, the professional caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier attention the digging direction and angle also need be reasonable, the purpose is to prevent the vulnerable parts been damaged by the external force.

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