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Meta bainitic steel also can be used to produce caterpillar bucket teeth pins

hits:2947    date:2016-01-04

  In our domestic market, meta bainitic steel had become one kind of the most ideal resistance abrasion materials, which can be used to produce the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, writer teach the common people that the organization of meta bainitic steel is makes up by three different contents, they are the bainite body, ferrite body and retained austenite body, compared with the other metal raw materials, caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said the meta bainitic steel has some excellent advantages, such as the higher strength, higher resistance abrasion performance, higher toughness degree and excellent manufacturing harden ability.

  Meta bainite steel not only can be used in the higher impact loads working situations, but also suit to the middle and low impact loads working situations, so we can use it to compared with these imported caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, and it can be free to instead of imported materials in the nearly future.

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