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High manganese steel has its own advantages and shortages

hits:2461    date:2016-01-03

  As we know, high manganese steel has bee used as the main raw materials to choose the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, because it can guarantee the high manufacturing harden performance, which can help maintain the final caterpillar bucket teeth pins products has an excellent resistance abrasion performance. Besides, use the suitable production technology, also can ensure the high manganese steel gained the same lath martensite structure, which can ensure the caterpillar bucket teeth pins has the curtain hardness degree, resistance abrasion performance and excellent plasticity toughness performance at the same time.

  But the shortages for these high manganese steel is that they had causes the higher production costs, under the low impact force working situation, these high manganese steel caterpillar bucket teeth pins also easy to has the break off problem, so experts need to try their best to solve their shortage problem and make the high manganese steel become the most ideal raw materials.

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