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Smaller impact loads can guarantee the fully manufacturing harden performance

hits:2851    date:2016-01-01

  During the production or use period, if operators can’t guarantee the big enough impact loads, then the caterpillar bucket teeth pins will can’t get the fully manufacturing harden performance, so both its hardness degree and resistance abrasion performance all can’t be improved, so under this situation, writer suggests people to use the other metal materials to instead of high manganese steel as the main raw materials to these caterpillar bucket teeth pins products.

  But if the impact loads or energy is too big, the high manganese steel is not the best resistance abrasion materials, because under the chisel cut type abrasion working situation, the manufacturing harden peak for these high manganese is not exist in the surface layer, but the sub-surface layer, so its surface organization would easy to has some cracks problems can causes the whole abrasion surface wiped off. Besides, after manufacturing harden process, high manganese steel can’t guarantee the high yield strength.

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