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Several different new technical had been widely used to manufacturing teeth pins

hits:2681    date:2015-12-31

  With the development and improvement of the surface technology and the science, expect of the common heat treatment, there also had invented out several new production technical also can be used to produce the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, such as the thermal spraying, plasma spraying and the laser spraying technical, they all had been very successful to applied on the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products and ensure their performance has a big improvement.

  The traditional materials for these big dimension excavator caterpillar bucket teeth pins is the high manganese steel, because it has a very excellent production harden performance, with the bigger impact energy, the harden performance would be better, but if production manufacturers can’t guarantee the manufacturing harden performance is very fully or perfect, the surface hardness degree would be reduced, and the resistance abrasion performance to these caterpillar bucket teeth pins also would be reduced at the same time.

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