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Bead welding is the best choice to these bucket teeth pins products

hits:2872    date:2015-12-30

  In the Germany and Russia, they all choose the bead welding method as the main welding method to these caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, because the main raw materials for the bead welding method is the WC harden alloy steel, Ni high chrome white cast iron materials and the Mo chrome white cast iron materials, use the bead welding method not only can used to manufacturing the new caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, but also can used to recovery the surface damages and hurt for these old broken bucket teeth pin products.

  After the bead welding process, production manufacturer can’t provide the heat treatment later, because if the welding quality is not very perfect, during the use time, the welding layer will easy to wipe off. On the basic of the characters for these compound materials and the mechanical performance requirements to these caterpillar bucket teeth pins products, researcher had find that through the different production technology, they can research out the different insert teeth pin and electrode slag casting teeth pin products, etc.

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