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Use optimal method to confirm the best production technology for teeth pin products

hits:2808    date:2015-12-29

  In the last article, we had indicate that the choose for the production technology can be directly influence the total useful life and mechanical performances to these komatsu bucket teeth pins products, because the right production technology can guarantee that under the primary object of no break off problems, the teeth pin products can gained the best resistance abrasion performance. Before confirm the production technology, komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier suggests production manufacturers to use the optimal method to confirm the best production technology to the teeth pin’ raw materials, reduce the testing times and shorten production costs.

  High manganese steel and low carbon alloy steel, they all has a very high toughness degree, so they all can meet up with the toughness requirements for these komatsu bucket teeth pins products, if we provide the surface optimal technical on its surface, it will ensure the raw material has the higher resistance abrasion performance and excellent plasticity toughness performance.

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