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How to prevent the earlier lose efficiency problem happen?

hits:2752    date:2015-12-27

  How to prevent these komatsu bucket teeth pins products has the earlier lose efficiency problem? The fully experiences komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier said the best solve method is choose the right design ideas to produce these bucket teeth pin products, the right choose for the raw materials is also very important, besides, during the whole production manufacturing process and technology, komatsu bucket teeth pins production manufacturer need to ensure there has no mistakes and wrongs.

  If the main raw materials for komatsu bucket teeth pins is the low carbon alloy steel materials, production manufacturer can provide the high temperature solidification solution pre-treatment spheroidizing annealing technical to provide the pre-heat treatment to these raw materials. After this technical process had finished, we can find the mechanical performance for the low carbon alloy steel can be compared with these imported komatsu bucket teeth pins materials, but also has no surface cracks and deformation flaws.

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