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Why there are some impact effects exist?

hits:2924    date:2015-12-26

  When the komatsu bucket teeth pins had contact with the stone mines, it will causes some impact effects happen, the reason is because the komatsu bucket teeth pins had inserted into the mines heap and the mines had slipping on the tooth surface, so the edges for these mines will cutting or plough the based material surface, and the impact effects had produced out. As general, we can regard this abrasion as one high impact and stress slipping material abrasion damages. Because if the mines stones has the bigger hardness degree, the lumpiness will bigger and the impact speed would be faster, so the komatsu bucket teeth pins will has the faster abrasion speed as well.

  Under the bad working situations, these komatsu bucket teeth pins products should not only has the higher hardness degree and resistance abrasion performance, but also need to has the better toughness performance to prevent the bending or broken problem happen under the impact force effects.

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