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Excavator bucket tooth pin belongs to the cantilever structure

hits:2946    date:2015-12-25

  Looking at the construction for these komatsu bucket teeth pins products, we can find their structure belongs to the cantilever structure, during the normal working period, the nearly teeth top position will insert into materials stacks, then turning to carry these materials into the bucket, so when the tooth top had contact with the materials, it will produced some impact force. During the materials filling period, the komatsu bucket teeth pins also need to suffer the bending moment, so it is easy to has the abrasion damages during the whole working period.

  In the overseas countries, they had divided the komatsu bucket teeth pins abrasion damages into the chisel cut type materials abrasion type, the main reason is because the tooth pin had worked in the bad working situation, according to the different excavator types and specifications, the abrasion degree for the komatsu bucket teeth pins would be different too, and its total use life also can be range from several years to several days.

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