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tooth pin had to suffer the most big working loads

hits:2998    date:2015-12-20

  As one of the professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production manufacturers, we had to teach these excavator operators that during the working period for these excavator machines and compared with the other content parts, komatsu bucket teeth pins had to suffer the biggest working loads, so compared with other working parts, komatsu bucket teeth pins is easily to has the abrasion damages and hurt, for example, if the average use life for one excavator machine is about eight years, during these life time, operators needs to consumer four to five new komatsu bucket teeth pins at the end.

  So we also can regard the excavator komatsu bucket teeth pins as one of the easily consumable accessory, especially when the excavator is working in some bad working situations, such used to digging the stone mines, it will causes the komatsu bucket teeth pins has a very fast abrasion speed, but when the abrasion had enter into the curtain degree, operators can provide the reinforce process to these tooth pins to extend its use life.

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