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Two different welding methods, which suit to bucket tooth pin

hits:3031    date:2015-12-19

  The first welding process: the backing welding method, to guarantee the perfect welding results, bucket tooth pin supplier suggests to use the D266 welding rod, which with the thirty two millimeters diameter to finish this welding process, then use the small electric current to continue finish the whole welding process, but need to ensure the short welding period. During the stop welding period, bucket tooth pin supplier suggests operators to put the working pieces into the cold water in time, and control the temperature for inter layer under fifty degrees for the whole time.

  The second welding method: the filled welding methods, the bucket tooth pin supplier attention after all of the backing welding process had finished, operators can choose the D266 welding rod with 4 millimeters diameter to do the intermittent welding, which welding electric current should be 160A, and one piece of welding rod should be finished used with three to four times, during stop welding period, all need to put into cold water to cooling in time.

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