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Choose the right welding rod to weld bucket body part

hits:3166    date:2015-12-18

  Before production manufacturers provide the welding process to the bucket body parts, bucket tooth pin supplier attention that they need to ensure they had choose the right welding rod, as general, the best choice is use the GBE309-15 welding rod to bead welding the bucket body parts, especially of the bucket tooth pin joints. Before welding, these welding rod need to put into the three hundred and fifty degrees containers to drying more than fifteen hours.

  bucket tooth pin supplier suggests people to choose the bigger welding electric current, but guarantee the slowly welding speed, to guarantee the contents for nickle among the melting positions can be maintain five to six percents and prevent the cracks happen.

  After the bucket tooth pin had been installed on the right position, production manufacturer can use the D266 welding rod to provide the parallel positional welding process on the two sides for bucket tooth pin, the total welding length can’t beyond thirteen millimeters.

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