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Excavator body material should has a perfect welding performance

hits:3231    date:2015-12-17

  As general, all of the body materials, which used in the excavator machines, they all has a very perfect welding performance, because the main raw materials for these bucket tooth pin product is high manganese steel, under the high temperature situation, which construction is single phase austenite organization, which has a very excellent tenacity, under the effects of suffer loads, because its surface layer had been produced with a higher harden degree, so these bucket tooth pin products has a very high resistance abrasion performance.

  Before welding these body materials, operators need to cut off all of the bucket tooth pin part, which had the abrasion damages from the bucket body, then use the angle grinder to carefully grinding the installation bucket tooth pin position, need to ensure there are no tiny cracks, iron rusts and soil dirt on its surface, then use the carbon arc to make out the groove for welding process, and use angle grinder to clean its surface again.

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