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Effects and influence produced by digging force and digging speed

hits:3437    date:2015-12-16

  The professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that expect of the impact force, the digging force and digging speed also can causes some effects and influence to bucket tooth pin , because if the digger force and digging speed is too big or fast, between the tooth holder and tooth sleeve also can produce the harden rubbing and causes the temperature become higher, so operators need to control the digger force and diggings speed under the suitable range.

  During the digging works, if the working situation is very bad, there would be too much water and air among the tooth holder and tooth sleeve’ gap, which can be heat with a very fast speed, so if the bucket tooth pin has a very roughness degree on its surface, it will has the oxidation and rust damages with the shorter time. Under the influence of too big digging force, the surface harden layer and micro structure for bucket tooth pin also can be damaged.

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