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A simple comparison of the manufacturing process on the bucket teeth

hits:3738    date:2015-07-21

As a common mechanical parts, excavator bucket teeth is that people are more aware of. In the actual application process, can play the role of the product can not be ignored. In the technology has improved the situation, the process bucket teeth are constantly improving. On the current situation, the manufacturing process of the bucket teeth there are several, including sand casting, precision casting and forging casting, product performance and quality bucket teeth made ​​of different processes is a significant difference. In this case, the gap between them may wish to perform simple introduction:

1 Sand casting
The technology is the lowest cost one, of course, it also has its own deficiencies, that is produced by the bucket teeth quality is not good way of other processes.

2 Forging Casting
This process takes way the cost of production is the highest, but also to ensure the best quality of bucket teeth, so choose this method is the need to consider carefully and fully weigh the pros and cons.

3 Precision Casting
This process is more demanding way, mainly for select some materials are very strict, and therefore the level of technology requirements are relatively high, and even to some extent, also exceeded the forging casting, is on the market as a more mainstream manufacturing process.

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