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Try to reduce the impact force effects is very impact

hits:3041    date:2015-12-15

  The professional bucket tooth pin supplier had attention all of users that if they can’t guarantee the suitable impact force to bucket tooth pin, their tooth pin product will shorten their whole using life and needed to replace the new one with the short time. Because writer attention that if the impact force can’t be reduced or slow down, the whole hydraulic system and inside hydraulic oil will suffer the too high pressure on some curtain positions, so to these sensitive hydraulic compound parts, application compound parts will easy to has the aging and lose efficiency problem.

  If the bucket tooth pin produce had suffer the too big impact force for the long time, it will also cause the movement leg and bucket rod has some big damages and problems, such as the cracks, break off problems. Besides, if the transmission frequency is very high, the impact force will causes a very keenness noise, which will makes operators feel uncomfortable and can’t be normal working.

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