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Tooth holder and tooth sleeve will produce intense impact and rubbing causes by impact force effects

hits:3242    date:2015-12-14

  Because the impact force can bring a damage and serious damages and effect to these bucket tooth pin products, so since found this problem, these professional workmen had advice these production manufacturer to deeply analyze and research the design ideas for these bucket tooth pin products, and try to improve their structure design style, so use this way, they can reduce the impact force to influence or effect to bucket tooth pin products.

  Because under the influence of these impact force effects, between tooth holder and tooth sleeve will produce a intense impact and rubbing, so it will causes a very higher temperature, which can reduce the hardness degree and resistance impact and elasticity performance for bucket tooth pin raw materials, the tooth top will has the abrasion damage will a very fast speed and cause the whole tooth holder had broken off by the impact force. Besides, under the influence of impact force, bucket tooth pin and jump ring all easy to produce the fatigue lose efficiency problem.

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