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Impact force will bring some influence and effects to bucket tooth pin

hits:3311    date:2015-12-13

  Under most of situations and circumstances, most of the bucket tooth pin production manufacturers will choose to use the jump ring to connect the tooth holder and tooth sleeve, because it belongs to the common teeth pin connection method, we all know that use this connection method means there would leave out a curtain gap between the tooth holder and tooth sleeve, to ensure when install the bucket tooth pin products, there are big enough margin force among the installation holes.

  So if without no gap, the whole installation work would be very difficult to finish, and the bucket tooth pin also need to guarantee a higher production precision, which had costs the production costs become higher and higher. So expect of the hardness degree, surface quality and resistance impact and elasticity performance for bucket tooth pin, production manufacturers need to figure out a perfect method to improve the structure to these bucket tooth pin products.

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