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Install the compression spring into tooth pin hole first

hits:3192    date:2015-12-12

  When users install the new bucket tooth pin products on the digger machine, to ensure all of the installation steps are right, writer suggest users to install the compression spring into the bucket tooth pin first, then install the tooth pin, which had installed the pin brush yet, to installed into the tooth holder pin hole. Next, users need to compress the compression spring from its two edges, until the users can free to install the whole buck tool pin sleeve.

  After install the bucket tooth pin sleeve, under the help of the compression spring, the pin axis can be pushed out from the bucket tooth pin sleeve hole, but because the compression spring can maintain the curtain pre-load force, so it can guarantee the tooth pin will never fall off from the tooth sleeve under the influence of side press force. Because the pin sleeve had been locked by tooth sleeve, so the pin sleeve will stand the bucket tooth pin and ensure it will never fall off from the pin hole, but also gained the anti fall off and self locking functions.

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