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bucket tooth pin structure will has the self locking function after the improvement

hits:3274    date:2015-12-11

  To prevent the bucket tooth pin products has the earlier lose efficiency problem and reduce the abrasion damages, writer had adjust all of the production manufacturer to improve and adjust their design ideas and production procedures for bucket tooth pin products, because after the improvement process, the bucket tooth pin structure has be efficiency to prevent the fall off problem, besides, it also gained the prevent-fall off and self locking functions as well.

  Because the production manufacturers has use the compression spring to instead of the jump ring, which can ensure the better elasticity performance but also maintain the bigger elasticity deformation quantities, so even though there a big amounts of slight press deformation phenomenon happen on the side of bucket tooth pin, it will never causes the compression spring has the loss efficiency problem. Besides, the compression spring is easy to tear down and installation, so it will easy to ensure the excellent maintenance performance and bring lots of comfortable and convenience to users.

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