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bucket tooth pin structure aspect needs to make some improvement and adjustment

hits:3062    date:2015-12-10

  As we know, if the structure for the bucket tooth pin had been designed with the wrong way and the operators also has use the wrong way to use it, during the digging period, these bucket tooth pin products will easy to has some damages or break problem, so to prevent these problems happen, writer suggests production manufacturer to on the basic of the actual using of the bucket tooth pin to make some improvement and adjustment on the structure aspect.

  Between the tooth holder and tooth sleeve, as general, there would exist some gap distance, to reduce the shake and shorten this gap, writer suggest production manufacturer to install one silicone oil rubber vibration isolation sleeve between these two parts, because from one part, this vibration isolation sleeve can help reduce the influence to the hydraulic system and application system, which produced by impact force, the second part is that this vibration isolation sleeve can prevent the tooth holder and tooth sleeve has some effects with each other and causes the oxidation and rust damages.

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