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The efficient molding filling pressure should be suitable

hits:3048    date:2015-11-27

  As the professional liebherr excavator lock pins production manufacturer, we had produce and sell the high quality liebherr excavator lock pins products to our domestic and whole world customers for more than ten years, so we had gained more production experience about the liebherr excavator lock pins, and the most important working experience is that the numerical value of the efficient mold filling pressure should be suitable.

  Generally speaking, people can according to the rheology mechanical and gas low to guide and adjust the efficient mold filling pressure of the liebherr excavator lock pins, for example, according to the rheology mechanical, we can regard the metal liquid, which around the liquidus as the non-newtonian fluid, which has a curtain critical shear stress, only the outside pressure is bigger than this critical shear stress, the metal liquid can be free flowing, and all of the mold filling process of the critical shear stress can be finished with an efficient way.

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