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Reduce the digging resistance forces to increase the total use life of the tooth pin

hits:3280    date:2015-11-26

  As we know, the main working area of the bucket tooth pin is widely installed on the construction of the digger machine, and the main role of these bucket tooth pin products are used to dig the mine, so if these tooth pin products has been used for a long time or used in a wrong way, then the total use life of the tooth pin product would be reduced. So writer attention that there are some different methods can be used to increase the total use life of the bucket tooth pin, such as increase the total effective material volume and reduce the total digging resistance forces and so on.

  For example, if the total material, which used to produce the tooth top of the bucket tooth pin had been increased about fifteen percents, then compared with old bucket tooth pin, the total use life of the new bucket tooth pin can be increased about fifteen percents, to the other parts, people need tp improve the developing method of the teeth.

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