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Sand burnt makes the bucket tooth pin’ surface is roughness

hits:3206    date:2015-11-22

  bucket tooth pin supplier said the meaning of the sand burnt is there are some metal or metal oxidation products had mixed up with the molding materials and formed into a burning layer, so looks at the surface of these sand burnt bucket tooth pin products are very roughness. Besides, if the sand burnt problem is very serious, people also can’t use any tools or equipment to wipe it off, especially to the inside cavity of the casting piece, if it has the sand burnt problem, it may causes the whole bucket tooth pin would be scraped.

  So choose the sand mold casting method to produce the bucket tooth pin products are easy to causes some flaws and problems happen, such as the surface of the bucket tooth pin is not very smooth. To prevent the bucket tooth pin has the deformation problem, suggest to use the high temperature to produce the cast working pieces.

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