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Compared with traditional casting method, squeeze casting method can prevent flaws happen

hits:3087    date:2015-11-16

  Because compared with the traditional casting production technical, such as the casting mold technical and investment mold casting technical, the squeeze casting method don’t need to use any sand mold or sand core to produce the Bofor bucket tooth pin products, so use this way, during the casting period, it can prevent the Bofor bucket tooth pin products has some casting flaws, such as the sand inclusion problem. Besides, the Bofor bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that the squeeze casting method can guarantee the Bofor bucket tooth pin has a higher quality and ensure the higher production ratio and efficiency.

  As the new material deformation technical, the whole procedures of the squeeze casting method is very easy and simple, it also can be fully use the raw materials and produce no waste products, so it has been widely used to produce Bofor bucket tooth pin products in recent years.

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