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The wall thickness of the lock pin cavity is very thin

hits:2594    date:2015-11-11

  Difference to the tooth pin products, the wall thickness of the liebherr excavator lock pins is very thin, especially of the teeth pin cavity position, so with the help of this character, the heat conduction property of the liebherr excavator lock pins is also very excellent, so this is also the reason why the liebherr excavator lock pins become the first solid position than the other heat joint position, so this reason also makes the liebherr excavator lock pins produce a very big packaging force to the teeth cavity core.

  So during the loose core period, the liebherr excavator lock pins would produce a curtain tensile stress, because the pouring gate is solid at this time, so it will produce a curtain resistance power effect on the loose core direction, so compared with the tensile force, we had mentioned before, the direction of the resistance force is opposite to the tensile force.

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