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Working requirement of the durable teeth pin products

hits:2992    date:2015-11-08

  According to the different working condition requirements and the different customers’ actual needs, the komatsu bucket teeth pins production manufacturers had produced the komatsu bucket teeth pins into three different types, and with the different type of the teeth pin products, its main application area would be different too. So in this article, the writer will fully and detailed teach the working requirement of the durable komatsu bucket teeth pins product:

  If the teeth pin belongs to the durable teeth pin products, then in the right working condition, it needs the shovel has a very excellent resistance abrasion property, for example, we can use it to cutting the hardness stone. During the actual use time, we don’t need insert the durable komatsu bucket teeth pins into the working condition, because its working object is the broken stones, so it can be overloads working, and widely used to collect the stones into one whole unit.

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