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Permissible stress of the excavator segment bolt

hits:2998    date:2015-11-06

  With the different raw materials of the excavator segment bolt, its permissible stress value would be different at the same time, and the excavator segment bolt production manufacturer also need to attention the common people that there are some different factors, which can influence the permissible stress of the excavator segment bolt, such as the nature of the loads( the static loads or the changing loads), the connection current condition of the connection method, the raw material of the thread connection piece and the construction size of the excavator segment bolt and so on.

  So the production manufacture attention that before use the excavator segment bolt, people need to use the hammer to make out a suitable hole to fix the excavator segment bolt first, then put the excavator segment bolt into this hole, and use the connection fasteners or bolt to connection the segment together with the other parts with a very tighten way.

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