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ESCO bucket tooth pin teach the user to protect the tooth pin to pay attention to the driving style

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  ESCO bucket tooth pin manufacturers tell you that the excavator tooth pin is very important for the excavator bucket shovel and even the entire excavator. Why do you say so? Once the tooth pin is damaged, the excavator has no way to continue working with the bucket. The driving method of the excavator driver is also critical to improving the utilization of the tooth.

bucket tooth pin

  ESCO bucket tooth pin manufacturer told the excavator driver that to better protect the tooth pin, you must pay attention to the driving style of the excavator. The excavator driver should try not to collect the bucket when lifting the boom. If the driver lifts the boom while lifting the bucket, the operation will cause the bucket to receive an upward traction force, so that the teeth are torn from the top. Tore the tooth, this operation must pay special attention to the coordination of the action.

  ESCO bucket tooth pin manufacturer pick-up excavator driver in the operation of the excavation angle operation should pay attention to the mastering when digging as much as possible, the bucket teeth are perpendicular to the working surface when digging, or the camber angle is not more than 120 degrees, to avoid the dumping due to excessive dip angle tooth. Also be careful not to swing the excavating arm to the left or right with a large resistance. This will cause the tooth and the tooth to be broken due to excessive force on the left and right. Because the mechanical design principle of most types of teeth does not consider the left and right forces. design.

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