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How should I install after bucket tooth pin removal

hits:2294    date:2019-10-17

  Bucket tooth pin removal and installation is a question many users want to ask. Although the excavator is a relatively large machine vehicle, but dare to ask which big guy is not composed of various parts and fractional = small parts?

bucket tooth pin

  Some users who have an understanding of excavators, especially those who frequently use excavators, know that excavator teeth and excavator tooth pins are very important for excavators. Because the excavator mainly works on the tooth, the installation of the bucket tooth pin removal and the tooth pin is crucial for the excavator.

  The teeth should be kept sharp during installation. The bucket teeth on both sides of the bucket are generally faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When the teeth on both sides wear much shorter than the middle teeth, the position of the teeth on the middle and the sides can be interchanged and continue to be used. If the difference between the tooth at the center and the length of the tooth at both ends is 2 to 3 cm, it should be exchanged.

  In the process of installation after bucket tooth pin removal, if the difference between the tooth length of the center part and the tooth length of both ends is 2~3 cm, it should be exchanged. Please replace the teeth in time. Visually check the looseness and wear of the bucket teeth before daily work. If the bucket tooth wear exceeds the use limit, it will not only damage the tooth holder and the bucket, but also affect the efficiency of the excavation and reduce the output.

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