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Bucket tooth pin tool manufacturer describes the welding method of the tooth

hits:2315    date:2019-10-16

  Bucket tooth pin tool manufacturers believe that people who have used excavators and have some knowledge of excavators should know the excavator body and tooth welding process. All welding work is done before welding, first removing the worn teeth from the bucket.

  Then use the angle grinder to clean the mounting teeth, do not have mud, rust, and carefully check for cracks and other defects; use carbon arc gouging to open the groove at the tooth to be welded, and clean it with an angle grinder clean. These preparation steps, bucket tooth pin tool makers remind everyone to do well before welding.

bucket tooth pin

  In addition, the manufacturer also reminds everyone that when preparing for welding, it is necessary to use the GBE309-15 electrode on the body (the joint with the tooth) for surfacing. The electrode before welding needs to be dried at 350 ° C for 15 h. The welding current should be too large and the welding speed should be slightly slow to ensure that the nickel content in the fusion zone is 5% to 6% to prevent the formation of martensite sensitive to cracks.

  For positioning welding, it is necessary to pay attention to the symmetrical positioning welding of the D266 electrode with a diameter of 32MM after the tooth assembly is in place. The length of the weld is not more than 30MM. Immediately after welding, it is water cooled and hammered.

  Bucket tooth pin tool manufacturer wants to specifically introduce bottom welding. Bottom welding was performed using a 32 mm diameter D266 electrode. Use small current, DC reverse polarity, intermittent welding, short section welding. Water cooling should be carried out in time for each stop welding, and the interlayer temperature should be controlled below 50 °C. Then fill welding is performed. After the bottom welding, the excavator body and the tooth are welded and repaired after more than one year of use, and the weld is still good.

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